Uh-Oh! Rich Friend is Picking the Restaurant

Oh no! When a group of best friends decided to catch up over dinner this week, mortgage broker and overall wealthy friend jumped into the group chat offering to make a reservation, regardless of how broke her friends are.


“I was thinking of that cozy spot in the West Village that’s super hard to get into,” said rich friend Candy Simmons. “Can’t wait to catch up over a few bottles of wine!”


Both broke and middle-income friends were discouraged by the move.


“Sure, I can put down a credit card, I guess,” says friend and administrative assistant, Tanisha Griggs. “But Candy is so rich that she seems to forget that other people are on a budget?”


Yikes, Candy! Way to read a room!


“I don’t think she realizes how awkward it is to say you can’t afford something,” says Candy’s unemployed friend, Sarah. “She probably thinks we’re all just gonna split it evenly even though I can’t afford to drink.”


Candy’s friends have been wary of her choices ever since her bachelorette party, which took place in the Swiss Alps.


“I’m still paying off that credit card from three years ago,” added Tanisha.



When asked about her social choices, Candy remained steadfast.


“I just love getting the girls together for a hang, just like in college,” Candy tells us. “It doesn’t matter what we do – as long as we’re together and there’s wine, I’m having fun!”


Uh-oh! Candy only drinks the good wine and everybody’s gonna have to share!