Stunning Photos of Real Women the Moment They Realize They Have a UTI

We’re bombarded with hundreds of dramatically airbrushed pictures of celebrities realizing they have a UTI’s. Every. Single. Day. It’s enough to make even the most confident woman feel not very body-pos about her own UTI. Newsflash, Hollywood: we don’t all have perfect lighting and a hair and makeup team readily available to us at all hours of the day. Where are the real women juggling work, family, AND crippling urinary tract infections?





That’s why we felt it was so important to create this gorgeous photo series of real women with real bodies in real settings the moment they realize they have a UTI. Get ready to feel empowered!




Wow. This first photo captures the exact moment this woman realizes she’s in for a real mean UTI in a beautiful public park. What we love about this one is how raw and real it is. There’s nothing more refreshing than seeing a normal woman highlighted in the media for her faulty urinary tract.




Incredible! This everyday woman realizes mid-fold that her crotch is ablaze with an intensity so severe, even a fire hose would not provide relief. She hasn’t been this uncomfortable since her one-night stand, Douchey Greg, ended up staying for dinner the next day, yet she perseveres and keeps folding that tee. You go, girl!





OMG. This brave woman continues to water her plants despite her sudden realization that she forgot to pee after boning Douchey Greg last night. The threat of an imminent UTI mildly inconveniencing her is all she can think about. She is all of us.




Douchey Greg! Get out of here, you rascal! You’ve done enough already! Greg is the last person any brave woman wants to see as she limps valiantly toward CVS!




What a powerful image. This woman noticed us photographing her as she tried to discreetly pick up the over-the-counter UTI meds that had tumbled out of her purse after a nasty fall. It’s so refreshing to see a real woman take charge of her life and her urinary tract like this. She fell a second time while running after us to thank us, we’re assuming, for getting her story out there. She’s okay though, probably.




This one is so vulnerable, we legit almost cried when we saw it. A woman shopping in a real convenience store mere moments after discovering her harsh vaginal reality in an even more harshly lit public restroom—someone get us a tissue. Her micro-expression screams, “Ow, my poor vagine!” while the contents of her shopping cart scream, “The sex wasn’t worth it!” Clean up on aisle me!


We hope you feel as empowered as we do after seeing these stunning images of pee-constipated women. Namaste! And remember: It doesn’t matter how tired you are—get up and go pee.