5 Signs He’s Your Soul Mate but Not Your Twin Flame

It may seem like a larger force brought you and your man together, but honestly, how large was that force? And what’s the difference between him being super-destined to be with you and only regular-destined to be with you? Here’s how to know if you should go ahead and call him your twin flame, or if you should take it down a notch and just call him your soul mate.


It Feels Like Your Love Comes Along Once in a Lifetime, Not Once in an Eternity

You know that destiny brought the two of you together to meet. But if he’s truly your twin flame, you wouldn’t have had to meet him. He would have been with you the entire time, even though you were apart. If that doesn’t sound like you, sorry, he’s not your twin flame and never will be—no matter how much you love him and how perfect you are for each other.


You Feel Like He Completes Your Soul but Not Like He’s a Missing Piece of Your Soul

Having a partner who completes your soul is important, but if your guy is really your twin flame, he won’t just complete your soul, he will literally be another piece of your soul that has come home to be reunited with yours. No matter how much it feels like he completes you, he might not complete you enough, so watch out!


You Feel Like He Can Read Your Mind Because You Don’t Share the Same Mind

You and bae are psychic with each other. Sometimes you’ll randomly think about him, and he’ll text you at that very same moment! But if it feels like he’s only reading your mind instead of thinking the same thoughts as you in unity, yikes, he’s not your twin flame!


You Have Every Little Thing in Common but it Doesn’t Feel Like You’re the Same Person

Something just clicks when you’re with him. You’ve never felt so in synch with a single person! Unfortunately, you don’t have to be in synch with your twin flame, because you can’t synch up with yourself because you’re already you/him. Too bad! He was so amazing otherwise!


You Know Him from a Past Life, but It’s Not the Life Where Your Soul Was Torn in Two

Something about him feels so familiar, so safe. You even wonder if you had been married in a past life! However, if he was truly your twin flame, you wouldn’t have been married, you would have been him and he would have been you and the both of you would have been the same and your soul would be shared. So be careful! You don’t want to get burned!


Remember, no matter how perfect your relationship seems, it might not be perfect enough. Ask yourself if you really want to settle for someone who’s only extremely cut out for you and not extremely cut out for you because he’s cut from you.