Abortion Protester’s Signs Reveal a Lifelong Love Affair with Crafting

Activist Tammy Sojourn is deeply dedicated to Saturday protests outside the Dominique Swanson Women’s Clinic, holding up signs with catchy slogans like, “BABY MURDERERS BURN IN HELL!” But look closer at the 47 year-old bus driver’s homemade posters, and you’ll see her true passion: crafting!


“I’ve always loved arts and crafts, making birthday cards, that sort of thing,” Ms. Sojourn said, speaking to us in her home, a veritable treasure trove of her creations. “So when I was offered the opportunity to shame women who make different choices from me by making posters, I was so in.”


Tammy got involved with the pro-life movement when a member of her church group asked her to help out with a picketing event. “Once I found out that there were glue sticks involved, I was sold,” Sojourn beamed. “I pulled out my basket of craft supplies and never looked back.”


“Tammy is amazing,” sighed Lynn Walter, a fellow protester who said that she tries to get down to picket the clinic at least once a month. “One time Tammy découpaged a cooler with pictures of Jesus weeping. It was beautiful. We mostly just stored sandwiches and Gatorades in it, but I think it really sent a message.”



The other members of the group were especially impressed with a mosaic of an ultrasound that Sojourn crafted from dried beans. “See, it’s symbolic, because the fetus is the size of a bean?” Tammy grinned. “Also, beans are two pounds for a dollar at the A&P and there are so many fun crafts you can do with them.”


Not everyone agrees with Tammy’s mission: “What protesters like Ms. Sojourn don’t understand is that they’re attacking women during an extremely vulnerable time in their lives,” said Dr. Laura Gonzalez, a physician at the clinic. “Even if you disagree with their choices, our patients deserve dignity and humanity.” She paused, then looked away. “Her glitter glue skills are on-point, though, I’ll give her that.”


Other critics question Tammy’s motivation. One protester, who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity, whispered, “Sometimes I wonder if Tammy is really here for the unborn children, or if she just likes getting to use her pinking shears. One time I saw her give one of the nurses a portrait she made of her out of elbow macaroni.” The protester hesitated. “She wrote ‘Die, baby killer’ on it, but it didn’t seem like her heart was in it—it was too beautiful.”


Tammy claims she is committed to the cause but admits, “If the church had a Saturday craft group, I’d probably do that instead. I just learned how to knit!”