4 Signs He’s Into Your Coworker Cheryl

Cheryl - Reductress

Maybe you’ve developed a flirtation with a guy at a bar. Maybe you’re in a long-term relationship. Either way, you’re likely to be wondering whether he’s into your co-worker Cheryl, the man-eating monster. But is he? Stay in tune with his thoughts by carefully tracking the signs that he may be into Cheryl. Here are some telltale signs:


1. He starts a friendly conversation with you.

Met a nice guy at your friend’s party? That’s great, but chances are he just wants to confirm that you work with Cheryl, who’s probably already thrown herself at this guy multiple times before you even met.


2. He suggests grabbing lunch during the week.

A lunch date during the workweek is just an attempt to run into Cheryl. Cheryl would love an opportunity to smile and introduce herself to your date, and not even bother to mention that she smokes cigarettes. Don’t give her the opportunity! Meet him at a restaurant that’s hidden in a residential area.



3. He sends you flowers at the office.

Think twice about his intentions: a flower delivery may have hidden meanings for Cheryl, since those two have obviously conspired behind your back and have their own special “flower code”. Cheryl would totally come up with that kind of scheme while she was getting her stupid gel nails done. Solve this issue by saying you’re allergic to flowers or other deliverable forms of affection.


4. He encourages you to pursue a Master’s degree.

If he encourages you to pursue your Master’s degree, it’s because he wants to spend more time with Cheryl and hear her snort laugh while she sips those vodka-cran sodas. Knowing Cheryl, she’s seducing him via some tacky new photo-messaging app. So, if he encourages you to study your passions or grow professionally, just stop while you’re ahead and quit your job. That’ll show her!


Maybe it’s just your imagination – but knowing Cheryl, it’s probably not.