Efficient Sex Moves for the Type-A Woman

You’re on a schedule. You’re a busy, working professional and you don’t have time for distractions. Your ability to execute tasks quickly and effectively also makes you great in bed. And like anyone else, you need at least one sordid tale to share at biweekly girls’ night. Here are some shortcuts to save you time and get better results:
Skip Eye Contact Altogether
If you’re not looking into each other’s eyes, you can both focus on the task at hand without worrying if you’re really connecting. All those shared moments of intimacy are a waste of valuable seconds you could spend downloading new productivity apps.
Get Him in the Mood with a Quick Chair Massage
Undressing takes too long, and scented oils are far too messy. But with ten minutes in a chair and some acupressure techniques you Googled while driving to his place, he’ll be relaxed and ready for a memorable quickie.

The Non-Dominant-Hand Job
Pleasure him with your non-dominant hand. He’ll love how unpredictable it is, and it leaves your other hand available for writing a to-do list or reading Yelp reviews of housekeeping services.
Reverse Cowgirl
Sure, makes you feel a little weird. But he’ll love the view of you from behind, and you can sneakily sort the mail and study your tax return.
Use Pornography
Rent or download a full-length erotic film. Tell him you’re going to put on something more comfortable – then do a load of laundry, head to the grocery store, and answer all your emails. He’ll be done by the time you get back.
Any combination of these sensuous techniques is sure to give him a night he’ll never forget, and give you a head start on Tuesday!