Five Worrisome Texts That Will Turn His Wandering Eye Back To You

When your man displays an overt interest in other women, it hurts. He checks out other women’s breasts, chats up the waitress for a little too long, and mentions his female coworkers more often than you’d like. So what can you do? Here are five alarming texts you can send him that will grab his attention faster than he can say, “Let me go ask that model for directions.”
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1. “Cindy and I r so drunk lol we keep talkin abt how much we want a 3some”
Cindy might be a “troubled friend,” but you’re honest with him about where you are at all times, especially when those times involve you being one promiscuous man short of a ménage à trois. How many of his secret girlfriends can offer THAT?
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2. “How dooyoo no if u r roofied??”
This lets him know that you rely on his wisdom, and that you also may or may not be falling into the arms of another predatory man. Inflate his sense of self; give him even more of a reason to stop by and see if you’re safe.
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3. “Ugh I made way too many bacon quesadillas.“
When in doubt, the best way to a cheating man’s heart is through his cheating stomach. When he finds out you’ve got something to offer that the buxom shot girl at the strip club can’t, he’ll hardly have time to slip her his number on the way out before those quesadillas get cold.
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4. “This rooftop bar is fun, but I’m thinking of just ending it all tonight.”
This not only tells him that you’re at a great party, but also that at any moment, the street far below might become too alluring not to jump. If he has any conscience at all, he’ll have a hard time continuing to flirt with those PR chicks he just met across town.
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5. “…”
This is just vague enough to let him know you exist without saying anything at all. He’s bound to respond, asking, “What’s wrong?”
With these options, you can divert his attention back to you without having to look desperate or manipulative. Sometimes it takes a little fibbing to win back the unenthusiastic affection of the man you love.