Guys Reveal Which Condom Brands They Love to Give You a Hard Time About Wearing

When it comes to condoms, men tend to say “no thanks.” But are there any brands men do enjoy? Turns out, no! We surveyed men in New York City to find out what condom brands they love to hate and found a wide variety in the brands they just don’t want to wear:


“My dick is huge so I can’t fit into condoms. Especially Trojan Magnum. They’re way too small for my huge dick. It’s fuckin’ huge.” – Jordan, 16


Durex feels probably worse than getting gonorrhea would feel. I’d rather catch the gonorrhea if it meant I could raw dog it, which honestly feels amazing.” – Nate, 27


“I hate having to put on Naturalamb Trojan Condoms because I pretend to have a latex allergy to get out of using the regular kind.” – Andrew, 22



“I’m married, so I thought I had put my condom days behind me. But my wife is uptight and won’t get on the pill so I give her a hard time about having to wear a Durex condom every single time we do it. Sometimes I complain about it randomly even when there’s no real reason for me to, like when we’re just in the car or something.” – Dermot, 35


“Even though it’s the one they use in all the pornos, I can’t keep my erection when I have sex with a Crown Skinless Skin on. Seriously, if my girlfriend knew how bad it felt, she wouldn’t want me to wear one either. It’s not worth the risk of me not feeling shit.” – Carlos, 34


“Having sex with a Lifestyles Condom on feels like getting a massage while wearing a body helmet or something. It’s like you’re not even getting a massage at all. Seriously, I don’t see why I can’t just not wear one?” – Henry, 31


“Every time I stop to go reach for a Trojan I immediately lose my erection. I’d rather spend that time reaching for a titty, you know? Anyway, why do you keep bringing this shit up?” – Peter, 25


Wow! All these brands are so hated by these men who hate condoms—and they hate the women that bring it up. All men surveyed also insisted that we were “the first girls to ever make this an issue!” Wow!