How To Make Sure He Isn’t Just Into You for Your Nuanced Takes on Current Events

It may be crude, but the adage is true: men are only after one thing—your nuanced opinion on current events. Don’t be one of the millions of women tricked into thinking a man is interested in you sexually or romantically only to find out that all he really wants is a more well-rounded worldview. Here’s how to tell if he’s actually into you, or just interested in learning from your balanced perspective on politics and culture.


Did he ask for your number or for your multifaceted opinion on the US political climate?

If he asks for your number, you’re in! However, if he asks you to explain the popularity of outsider candidates, or gives you a call later to ask about party polarization, he’s probably just taking advantage of your unique perspective on politics. Bummer!


Check his body language: Is he making excuses to touch you or nodding and listening to your opinions on foreign policy?

Body language is key to figuring out whether a man is interested in expanding his narrow worldview or making you a potential sex partner. If he listens to your discussion of Syria without touching your knee even once, he’s probably another asshole taking advantage of your news literacy. Classic man!



Does he want you to come over later or write a guest post for his blog?

While you might think writing about social justice for his blog will be an excuse for you to get closer, don’t fall into his trap! If he wanted to hook up with you, he would just start doing it. Remember: you are more than your ability to see the many seemingly contradictory sides of a pertinent social issue.


Is he interested in whether you’re single or whether you liked Jonathan Chait’s latest op-ed?

It can be difficult to tell if his questions are subtle attempts to figure out whether you’re in a relationship or attempts to benefit from the subtle ways you are able to respond to political discourse. It’s a great sign if he asks if your boyfriend will be mad you’re out with another guy; if he asks whether you read the latest New York Magazine, run for the hills!


Now that you know how to tell if he’s using you for your unique and complex perspective on topical matters, you won’t be tricked into thinking he’s interested in something more than a lively back-and-forth. Come on, you’re better than that!