Budget-Friendly Travel Ideas for the Couple Looking to Break Up

If you’re looking to break up while on a budget, traveling might seem like an impossibility. Not to worry! We’ve rounded up some amazing travel ideas that won’t break the bank, but will definitely lead to a breakup.


A Camping Trip

Camping is an affordable trip that still feels like a real getaway. It can be romantic for a solid, stable couple, but for you, it can create what is known as a “perfect storm” in your already troubled relationship. Spiders, dirt, and shitting in the woods within earshot of your partner can undo years of relationship work that wasn’t really worth the effort after all, was it? And when Derek realizes you forgot to bring graham crackers for the s’mores—“You had one job, Chelsea!”—you’ll know it’s finally over.


A National Park

This summer, the National Park Service celebrated its 100th anniversary. Join in on the centennial festivities by visiting the national park that’s closest to you for another budget-friendly getaway! Imagine walking with your sweetheart surrounded by wildlife and, feeling the enormity of the planet, realize you just don’t want to spend your whole life with Derek. Relationship problem solved—on a budget!


A Rural Bed and Breakfast

Skip an expensive getaway and head for the countryside in an affordable and cute bed-and-breakfast. Known for their quaintness and charm, middle-of-nowhere B&Bs offer everything from shared bathrooms to forced conversations with the elderly homeowners who have been married for 59 years. During breakfast, you may find yourself sitting across the table from a genuinely happy couple and you’ll realize you can’t relate to them at all. While exploring the countryside afterward, you’ll be able to fight in the open without anyone hearing your screams except for the two happily married couples nearby.


Derek’s Parents’ Lake House

With gorgeous scenery, free lodging, and Derek’s mom to pull the “where is this relationship going” trigger, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in this stunning and affordable retreat. When she suggests that you two go on the lake together, you’ll announce that you’re “more of a solo kayaking kind of girl” now. Later on while playing charades with the whole family, you’ll finally have the opportunity to pantomime, “This isn’t working out, Derek.”


After your affordable getaway, you’ll be able to relish in the fact that you’ve got money left over to move out and start a new life without Derek. After all, this trip will NOT be nice enough to cover up those deep-seated relationship problems!