Mom Hosting Webinar on Why She Needs Grandkids

Twenty-five year old Lacy Hunter’s mom is embracing new technology in this post-quarantine landscape, planning to host a three-part webinar on why Lacy should give her grandkids – and soon.


Lacy’s mom said spending time in quarantine has encouraged her to focus on what matters to her – feeling confident that grandkids are inevitably on the way when this is over.


Several Powerpoint presentations later, she feels confident she can entertain – and educate – anyone interested in her webinar.


“Everyone’s doing these online class things and that’s really wonderful,” said Lacy’s mom. “So I thought it would be fun if I did one about something that’s important to me – many, many grandchildren.”


Webinars and online classes have been a great tool for businesses and artists to stay afloat while providing bored isolators an opportunity to expand their minds. They have also provided an opportunity for Lacy’s mom to remind her of her ticking biological clock.


Lacy said she has no desire to attend the webinar, despite being the only invitee.


“I’m not even dating anyone right now,” said Lacy. “How am I supposed to give her grandkids?”


Lacy’s mom said that will be covered in the call, along with sections titled, “The Joy of Children,” and “I Sacrificed My Body For You, You Owe Me This.”


Lacy seemed unsure if her mom can even use one of the many online video call platforms, such as Zoom or Google Hangout.


“I’m not that worried,” said Lacy. “She can barely use Facebook. The other day she posted ‘happy birthday’ as a status, and I’m supposed to expect this woman to virtually share a powerpoint with me? Seems unlikely.”


Lacy’s mom says this is also Lacy’s fault.


“Maybe if you had quarantined here at home with your mother,” said Lacy’s mom. “You would be here to show me how to use it!”


Lacy, who is an only child, says that this is not the first time her mother has brought up her desire for grandkids.


“I stupidly thought the global pandemic would give me a little breather from the guilt,” she added. “But it seems like the quarantine has made her want them even more.”


“I’m an empty nester, you know,” she said. “So I was looking at my big home that my daughter decided not to quarantine in, and thought, wouldn’t it be cute to have some little tikes running around?”



“That gives me an idea for another class,” she added.


Lacy’s mom’s follow-up webinar, focusing on why Lacy should move closer to home, will be posted next week.