Breaking: Mom Hosting Laundry Party, Everyone Invited

Noting what an unexpected treat it was to have everybody home together on a Sunday afternoon, Pittsburgh mother Terry Low announced to family members that she would be hosting a laundry party and that every single one of them was cordially invited.


“I heard the spin cycle start around eleven, and I just had a feeling something was coming,” says Low’s 15-year old son Gavin, who was playing video games in his room at the time.



Husband Jim Low, 49, and daughter Sarah, 18, were finishing breakfast when Mrs. Low entered the kitchen with some exciting news. “She set down a full basket of laundry on the table and sort of smiled, and then asked, “Are you ready for some fun? There’s more where that came from.”


Sarah later confirmed that there were, in fact, three more baskets from where the original basket came.


Sarah then told her mother she had plans to go to Katie’s—but Mrs. Low responded that, “as luck would have it,” Katie was also on the laundry party’s guest list, and that Katie’s parents and three brothers were also more than welcome to attend the “soiree to end all soirees”.


“I told Terry I’d had plans to mow the lawn that afternoon, but she didn’t really seem to hear me,” said Mr. Low. “She just asked what hors d’oeuvres I thought would go best with 47 pairs of my underwear that were ‘just begging to be folded,'” he says, appearing perplexed. “Not a party I’d want to go to.”



When asked to comment, Mrs. Low told reporters she she’d had a difficult time deciding between hosting the gathering in the den, which was closer to the laundry room, or the living room, which had more folding surfaces and was closer to the dressers. “In the end,” she says, “I just went with both! Like I always say, the more the merrier, especially when there are exactly 13 damp pairs of jeans that aren’t about to hang themselves!”


At press time, the wife and mother had reportedly told family that she was already excited to host another party next weekend—”same time, same place.”


“Ugh,” reports our source. “Mom is the worst.”