Man Who Hurt You Upset You Told People He Hurt You

In reaction to the end of your relationship and the distance it provided to safely share what happened with friends, your ex-boyfriend, Noah Allard, decided to display solidarity with your pain by voicing how hurt he is that you told people he hurt you.


“It’s just so immature,” Allard shared. “Why can’t we just not talk about it, avoid eye contact, and look at our own phones whenever we’re together like, you know, real adults?”


Seems like Noah is willing to express his anger in less overt ways, having many wondering what he wanted from your relationship in the first place.


This must be devastating for a man whose manipulative and abusive behaviors led his ex to feel hurt enough to seek support from others. Plus, what if he wanted to move on and abuse someone else? Seems messed up that he has to live the rest of his life like this without any chance to reflect and improve.


To many, the very defensiveness he is now publicly displaying looks familiar to his defensiveness whenever you tried to calmly talk to him about his bothersome words and behavior.



“I guess he’s allowed to be upset that it’s public knowledge that he sucks, but he has displayed this pattern of behavior before, so it’s kind of unclear what narrative he’s trying to rewrite here,” your good friend commented.


Sadly, instead of accepting that anger can be a secondary emotion to fear, sadness, and/or jealousy worth examining, Noah has chosen to slide into someone else’s DMs for attention instead of the inbox of a therapist for an initial consultation. Best of luck out there, asshole!