‘People Shouldn’t Get All Their News from Mainstream Media,’ Says Man Who Gets All of His News from Host of ‘Fear Factor’

joe rogan and man

28-year-old Steven Lefebvre wrote a long rant on Facebook last week, reminding his 128 friends and followers that, “People shouldn’t get all their news from mainstream media. They’re just trying to feed you a narrative.”


Lefebvre, who gets most of his news and insight from an MMA enthusiast and former host of Fear Factor, believes that the mainstream media is run by “idiots” and “pawns” and shared a two-hour Youtube video as evidence.


“The MSM only shows one side of the story, but Rogan isn’t afraid to hear from all sides,” he said of the failed stand-up comedian who frequently does drugs in a personal hut. “Not a lot of people have the courage to talk to someone like Alex Jones.”


Although many mainstream news media outlets have produced award-winning journalism and risked their lives by exposing evil among the world’s most powerful people, Steven likes the man who just talks into a microphone for two hours because he “isn’t a pussy.”



When a friend corrected him on the fact that the wildfires along the west coast were indeed not started by Antifa, as the former UFC commentator confidently stated on his podcast, Steven responded, “Yeah but how do you know?”


The friend promptly shared several pieces of original reporting showing how the wildfires began, to which Steven responded: “Look, I’m just asking questions. A lot of you are too weak to do that.”