LinkedIn Remains Final Social Media Where Woman Has More Followers Than Younger Sister

In an inspiring story out of Phoenix, AZ, 27-year-old Marisa VanderMoore is proud to say she still has more followers than her younger sister on social media – specifically, LinkedIn.


“My little sister, Andrea, has had an Instagram since she was eight,” Marisa told reporters. “So, obviously she’s been able to rack up significantly more followers than me over the years. This holds true for other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, and Pinterest. However, I still have more followers than her on LinkedIn. That has to count for something, right?”


Researchers found that it doesn’t really count for anything, unless you consider “actively posting sad updates about your job or lack thereof” something.


Marisa said she used to have more subscribers than her sister on YouTube, but then Andrea posted one video of herself joke-reviewing her Taco Bell order, gained thousands of subscribers in one day, and Marisa hasn’t been able to catch up since, regardless of how many well-crafted travel videos she posts.


“LinkedIn is kind of the last frontier for having more followers than my little sister,” Marisa said.


“Yeah, she has almost 2,000 more Instagram followers than me, but I have 500+ connections on LinkedIn…mostly because I’ve been out of work for awhile and have been friend-requesting anyone I come across. Regardless, she’ll have to be unemployed and desperate for a long time – like, a super long time – if she wants to catch up to me!”


Reporters said they weren’t sure why this was a point of pride for Marisa, but that she seemed vehement to maintain her higher follower status on this site.


“Last week, Andrea posted a picture of a cartoon dove on her Instagram feed with no caption and got 400 likes in 17 minutes,” Marisa explained. “When I posted photos of my engagement to my fiancé, I topped out at 93 likes and a comment from my grandma saying, ‘Who is this?’ You can see why keeping my superior LinkedIn status is important to me.”



Marisa added, “My little sister can only hope to get 13 shares on a LinkedIn post begging for a job ‘in any field.’ That’s firmly my territory. Though, I will admit, I am nervous for her to graduate college and actually start using LinkedIn.”


At press time, Andrea had asked Marisa to help her start her post-grad job hunt. Marisa dedicated all of her time and effort to the cause, admitting that she hoped she could help her sister find a job before she even had to send out a single friend-request on LinkedIn.