‘It Must be Hard to be a Teen Girl Obsessed With Social Media,’ Says Adult Woman Obsessed With Social Media

31-year-old Aly Dickson was saddened to witness how the addictive nature of social media is affecting today’s young girls.


“Growing up was hard enough without social media, but these poor girls are completely obsessed now,” says Aly, whose screen time averages about six hours a day. “We, as a society, really need to stop and think about what we’re doing to these girls.”


“I don’t know how these teen girls even get through the day,” Aly said, struggling to pay attention as several Tiktok notifications buzzed on her phone. “I wish I could tell them that none of that stuff really matters.”


While she is an avid user of social media, Aly points out that it looks so much sadder when the teens are doing it.



“These girls are literally obsessed,” she said, while she quietly wondered why her former bridesmaid hasn’t seen her last two Instagram stories. “It must be so taxing to think about all the time.”


When asked what people could do to help fix this problem for young girls, Aly, who an adult woman, paused.


“Well…I think we need to show them that the real world is so much better,” Aly said. “I just have no idea how to do that.”