Social Justice Warrior? This White Woman Says She’s Sorry

In a huge win for the social justice movement, Rachel McNichol of Edina, MN, has announced that she’s “so sorry” for everything black people have had to endure since the birth of this country.


Whoa! Somebody hand over the keys to the movement, cause she’s doing the WORK!


McNichol detailed how sorry she is in a long Facebook post, which includes mentions of her own ignorance to “how bad this all is” and her “sincere, deepest apologies.”


McNichol says she’s done “being so ignorant.”


“I’m sorry it took me so long to get here, but I’m more awake to these issues now,” she tells us. “Now I’m really sorry.”


McNichol’s list of things she’s sorry about includes slavery, the drug war, police brutality, most of her older family members, and her brother.



“I admit I’ve been complicitt [sic]. I’ve been mostly around white people. I didn’t even know jail was that bad until I saw the first season of Orange is the New Black.”


But now, McNichol is profoundly sorry “for all of it” and is not going to remain the same person she was before this.


As for what that means, McNichol could not be reached for comment.