I’m Not a Social Justice Warrior, I’m a Social Justice Warrior Princess

A lot of people are quick to accuse me of being a “Social Justice Warrior.” I just wanted to be very clear and say that when you casually throw around phrases like that, you are actually diminishing the complexity of who I really am. My preferred term is “Social Justice Warrior Princess.”


Yes, you may reduce that down to SJWP, but please do not reduce its meaning.


As a SJWP, I am passionate about social and political equality among all races, genders, and identities. I also look snatched in a leather getup, cleavage abound, galloping through the forest on my horse and cracking skulls left and right. I am a powerful warrior, full of nuanced takes on the world.


It’s just very important to me that you not mistake what I do—actively fight against oppression—with not also being a warrior princess.


Am I an aggressive supporter of women’s rights to control their body? Yes. Do I participate in protests both on and off Facebook? Yes. Can I pull off an armored crop top and fight entire battles without a hair tie? Of course I can, because I’m a Social Justice Warrior Princess.


Don’t try to box me in. I’ve got a lot of shit going on.



My fingers can do some serious damage while I’m typing a passionate diatribe in the comments section of your intentionally inflammatory thread. And my hands can do damage wielding swords and practicing fire-play. As my social justice warrior sisters say, get you a princess who can do both.


Also, does a normal SJW have a constant wall of fire behind them in all their pictures? They wish!


I didn’t get these massive biceps from amplifying stories of racial and gender discrimination over Twitter. I got these sick Michelle Obama guns from slaying my foes in a battlefield from days long past. What can I say? I’m just a multitasker with a lust for justice and for blood.


It takes a lot of extra work to be a SJWP. Because I have to be a great SJW, and then can’t just stop there because I also have to be a P. Not everybody can do that.


So next time you’re looking for a concise way to insult someone that is defending some pretty basic human rights of often-oppressed minority groups, try to get it right. I’m no social justice warrior, I’m a Social Justice Warrior Princess.