The Best Beach Poses to Pair with Social Justice Captions on Instagram

You care about social issues! But you also care about your hot Instagram presence, and that’s totally understandable. It’s hard to balance your passion for affecting change with your passion for posting pictures of your beach bod, but not anymore! Here are the best beach poses for you to pair with captions about social justice on Instagram. Maybe no one will get mad at you for doing this. Maybe!!


Lying Down On Your Stomach Looking Directly Into the Camera

This pose shows how genuine and sincere you are about social movements around the world. It also shows off your sharp collarbones! Real feminism allows you to educate women across the globe while also highlighting how great your hair looks with beachy waves. Just be careful of the sun; if there’s a glare in your pic, people may not get the message!


Standing with the Ocean Behind You, Smiling Big

You look so free and happy with the ocean in the background! And you want everyone in the world to feel free and happy! This is perfect opportunity to discuss how you think we should solve the racial tension in the world. Don’t contemplate if it makes sense to write a lengthy, serious caption while broadcasting your brand new bikini to the world. You’re such a cute little social justice warrior!


Sitting on the Sand and Looking Off Into the Distance

You look so dreamy in this pic—probably because you’re dreaming of a world in which the socio-economic status you’re born into doesn’t limit your opportunities for the rest of your life. With the proper filter and strongly worded caption, this picture could absolutely change the world! You’re totally informing your friends on the pressing issues in the world and showing off your killer cheekbones. You go, girl!



Lying on Your Back With a Floppy Hat Covering Your Eyes

You’re blocking the sun from your eyes, and hopefully the terror from this world! Write about how everyone should support the LGBTQ community. You’re sure to get a lot of likes for your wisdom and for your super cute beach fashion. Don’t forget: red lipstick is a MUST if you really want to get the message across!


The world is full of hate, but thankfully you know the right beach poses to share on Instagram with inspiring social justice captions. There’s no better way to boast your bikini body while simultaneously educating your friends about social issues. Get it, girl!