Great Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain but Also Your Instagram

Whether you sit all day at work or you’re always running around, you may occasionally experience some lower back pain. Check out these great yoga poses to relieve tension in the lower back and strengthen your core, but mostly to look great on your Instagram.




A simple forward fold isn’t going to add any “wow-factor” to your Instagram feed, but a few minutes in this position every day while breathing deeply into your lower back can help relieve tension.


Be sure that you breathe from your diaphragm, relax your jaw and choose a good filter because this isn’t a very exciting picture.




Try taking the forward fold to a more advanced level by placing yourself in a more aesthetically pleasing area, such as a boat dock. Experiment with the contrast and image-sharpening tools. Don’t forget to breathe.




Ardha Matsyendrasana, the Half Lord of the Fishes Pose, is a gentle, soothing twist for the abdominal organs and spine, helping to create a stronger core and straight back.


Remember to press your tailbone into the ground and with every inhalation, and lift through the sternum. Make sure your friend takes the photo right before you’ve lifted so your face doesn’t show any strain.




For any boring pose like this, add a black-and-white filter to jazz it up. This one will look great on your website.


For deeper variation, try an app that lets you combine several boring poses into one exciting photo.




Side Crow pose is a more advanced arm-stand that can do wonders for your core and for impressing followers also into yoga, but probably not as much as you are, because you can do a handstand and they cannot.


For extra stretch, try smiling gracefully and naturally.




Now that you’ve warmed up, you can try some of the more advanced core workouts. Find a sturdy wall, post or pole for support and go into standing extended hand to foot pose 2. This helps your back by stretching through the glutes and lengthening your posterior chain.


It helps your Instagram by pairing you with piece of design that photographs beautifully.




#Selfie break for you to catch your breath and add a photo that’s just you being completely natural.




Anyone who builds an online following of their yoga poses has several great photos doing wheel pose with an extended leg.




This is not something I would prescribe to help someone’s back, but how gorgeous is this photo?




This is me doing yoga next to some ducks!


It’s discouraged to extend your neck backwards in such a manner as you are no longer keeping your spine in a straight line, but I looked better in this shot.