How I’m Letting My Ex Know I’m Over it Across Every Social Platform

After a breakup, it can be hard to encounter your ex on social media. While some people choose to go cold turkey and disconnect from exes completely for their emotional well being, I choose another route: I used each and every social media platform available to me to show my ex that I’m doing great and am totally over it – and so far, it’s working out great!


As a professional social media manager, my decision to leverage my breakup as part of a cross-platform social media campaign to establish my personal brand as “thriving” came pretty naturally to me. Amid the tumult, I saw an opportunity: Everyone in the business knows highly emotional situations drive eyeballs to content—I knew the heartbreak, jealousy, and anger between us created the perfect storm for a successful cross-platform social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. And now Alex and everyone we know is aware that my life is going incredibly well since he left and honestly in the end it was for the best, but like, specifically for me because I’m doing great.


My first major outing after Alex and I broke up was with front-row seats at a Lorde concert, and became the perfect case study in how to execute a killer social campaign to show how great I’m doing and how over it I am. This concert presented an especially powerful opportunity to pull Alex’s emotional strings, because I introduced Alex to Lorde back in 2013 and we had been to a few concerts together. If I could successfully execute a social campaign on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram that showed Alex I was with a great group of friends and having a wonderful time, he would undoubtedly get the message that I’m over the relationship and doing better than ever.


You see, audiences crave tailored content for each unique social media experience, and exes are no different than any other audience, except that they hate your joy. Keeping this guiding principle in mind, I executed a cross-platform social campaign worthy of a Webby. Carefully curated content of me at the Melodrama World Tour cascaded from my Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram pages in perfect harmony. My Facebook profile picture was updated to a solo shot with Stacy’s new iPhone X portrait mode with the stage lights in the background, I Instagrammed a big group picture with a quirky caption (“Sundays are for the Lorde”), and I Snapchatted just once, during “Perfect Places,” as to not oversaturate the content market.



Overall I think the campaign was a big success. I ran into my ex after and told him I was doing well and he said, “Yeah, I saw you were at the Lorde concert.” It was pretty clear he knew I was doing amazingly, thanks to the successful execution my multiplatform social strategy.


I hope this helps you execute your next post-breakup social campaign to show your ex that you’re over it and doing great across every social platform. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it to show that you are truly thriving.