I Overthink Everything Except When It Comes To Eating Two Krispy Kremes As Long As We’re Here

I’m an overthinker by nature, and sometimes it gets in the way of me maintaining healthy relationships and living a happy life. I’m constantly worried about hypothetical problems, and I’m filled with irrational fears – except when it comes to eating two Krispy Kreme donuts in a row at this Krispy Kreme because as long as we’re here I should really get my fix.


I have a tendency to worry about nearly everything, even when my life is going well. For example: After going on four dates with this awesome guy Kyle, I started freaking out that he might not be the person I’m going to marry and that I’m just wasting my time dating someone who isn’t the love of my life. When it comes to men I am so picky, but when it comes to Krispy Kremes I will actually eat any of their 46 flavors. Including the cake batter doughnut, the strawberry iced with sprinkles and of course the classic glazed with reckless abandon. Also any of the other 43 flavors! I barely ever come here, so I really just make the most of it!


I sometimes get sad that I never truly feel sure about any decision I make at all. I’m constantly doubting whether I should leave my hometown, whether it was smart to get a dog, and whether I really do want a career in orthodonture. But then I remember that the 22-year-old founder of Krispy Kreme Vernon Rudolph was probably riddled with doubt when he opened up the first Krispy Kreme during the Great Depression, and now I’m here eating these two amazing, perfect donuts without a care in the world. I mean, we really aren’t here that often so this is a special occasion! Let’s get some freakin’ doughnut holes cause why the hell not!?



People usually think I’m insecure, but in reality I’m just an anxious person, but in a way that excludes anything pertaining to donuts. My friends have expressed their frustration that I’m always looking for reassurance, when really I’m just trying to gauge whether my fears are based in reality. But now they know the best way to comfort me is to drive me any four of the Krispy Kreme locations in Missouri so I can grab a couple doughnies to munch on!


Pretty crazy how I can spend three hours cross comparing shelves for my bedroom, but can grab any two Krispy Kremes and be happy with the decision I made! Such is life! Well, such is my Krispy life!