I Hate To Say Goodbye, but I Love to Watch His Lil’ Boy Butt Walk Away

I recently broke up with a guy I had been dating for two years, and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I felt so sad as he left the coffee shop, and as I turned around to watch him leave, I realized: I hate to say goodbye, but boy did I love to watch his lil’ boy butt walk away.


Sometimes you have to end a relationship because you’re in really different places emotionally. Even though things were pretty good with my ex, the truth is, I have never been single in my adult life and wanted to give myself the chance to be on my own. Also, sometimes saying “we’re through” to a loved one is the only way to see their teensy bummie leave the room and I’m grateful for that.


Being on my own is really new – now I make every decision solely for me. For instance, on Saturdays I used to ask my ex what he wanted to do during the day, but now I wake up and decide all my plans on my own. Although I miss waking up next to that sweet lil’ angel ass, I do know that this lack of itty-bitty boy butt is making me stronger. It’s not easy ending a relationship, but boy is it nice to stare at that good little donk as it leaves the room.


Of course, I still get sad, especially at nights. But I’ve come to realize – I should be grateful that those two sweet cheeks came into my life at all. And I should be even more grateful that when they left, I got to watch them go. Mmmm.



If I could say more thing to my ex it would be: I hated saying goodbye to you and cried about it for weeks, I hope you know I loved everything about the time we spent together. I still think about that time when I touched your butt and you jumped because you weren’t expecting me to touch your butt and I said, “I love your butt” and you said, “It makes me feel weird when you say that.” I think I was just falling in love with you.


Anyway, to all the women out there who are missing tiny man booty today, remember that as hard as it is to walk away from a good thing, it’s often the only way to see that good thing walk away. And when you see that lil’ ass do its thing, dang.