Is He Hitting Your G-Spot or Your Breaking Point?

How Are You - Reductress

When you’re in the heat of passion, it can be tough to tell if your man is pushing against your G-spot, or pushing you past the limits of what kind of behavior you’re capable of accepting from another human being. Is he sending you into wave after wave of pleasure, or is he about to send you to the sanitarium with his piss-poor excuses for being emotionally unavailable? How can you tell the difference? Check for these important signs:


Your vagina feels really amazing, like you might come any second.

You are currently having sex, and he is doing a marvelous job of pleasuring your insides with his erection. The head of his penis is rubbing rhythmically against the spongy area one inch inside your vagina on the wall closer to your belly button. Congrats! He’s hitting your G-spot.


Sometimes it feels like he’s trying to piss you off, like you might snap any second.

You’re stopped at a red light by yourself, wondering if he actually gets off on making you insane. There’s no other explanation for why he constantly cancels plans, says inappropriately sexual things in front of your family, won’t make eye contact when he talks to you. You are not having sex. He’s hitting your breaking point.


You’re on top, controlling the speed and depth of penetration.

There’s your boo beneath you, letting you take control of things for a little while. It feels really nice in your vagina because of where his penis is pointing. Yeehaw, he’s hitting you’re G-spot!



You’re stuck in front of the mirror, examining the crease in your forehead.

What the…?! Since when do you look so old? That line could NOT have been there three months ago. Where the hell did it come from? If the most likely answer of where it came from is “Dan’s bullshit,” then yikes, he’s hitting your breaking point.


You’re going on Orgasm #3.

The walnut-like collection of nerve endings behind your pelvic bone is singing a joyful little tune, because there’s a pair of fingers eagerly massaging it at your preferred tempo. You are in love and everything is great. Uh, yeah, he’s definitely hitting your G-spot!


You just gave him Last Chance #3.

Your ultimatums don’t carry any weight anymore, because you keep giving into him without offering any real consequences. Why do you keep putting up with his bullshit? It’s not like he’s so great. So why not just leave? Why not just walk the fuck out and leave? He’s hitting your breaking point.


Whether he’s making you come or making you crazy, it’s good to know the difference!