5 Songs To Blast While You Are Breaking Up With Him

You have a running playlist, a going-out playlist, and a playlist to help you get over a breakup, but have you thought about what you want to listen to while you break up with him? No breakup is complete without a killer soundtrack. Here are five suggestions to get you through that awkward (but possibly empowering and freeing!) hour or so with your soon-to-be ex.


  1. O.D., Alive: An unconventional choice, but one that will get you PUMPED about this break-up. You haven’t been feeling like yourself in this relationship, and now that it’s almost over you finally feel ALIVE. You are doing it! And no one gets that better than P.O.D. Turn it up, baby! You’ll barely be able to hear his sobs over this head-banging classic.


  1. Hall and Oates, She’s Gone: When the time is right, slow things down so he has a chance to promise he can do better before you kick him to the curb for good. Mmm-mmm. She’s gone. Yes she is! Sing along for a few lines so he really gets the message. Hall and Oates, why are you so relatable?!


  1. Taylor Swift, Bad Blood: It’s 2015; no playlist would be complete without your girl Tay-Tay. No one knows breakups like Miss Swift, which is why she’s perfect for your “It’s Over” playlist. Bad Blood is especially good because it’ll send the message that you won’t forgive him. Taylor’s on your side, biotch! Girl power!



  1. Korn, Freak on a Leash: Drown out his boring pleas with this crowd-pleasing throwback! You might be a freak (own it, sister!), but now you are off that leash! Hallelujah! Shake him off when he tries to hold your hand and tell you that you’re the only one for him. He’s just trying to ice your jam! Don’t let him! Let that freak flag fly, chica! It’s what Korn would want.


  1. Beyoncé, Flawless: Even though you didn’t #WakeUpLikeThis (you’ve been feeling like something’s off for months), you’ll still want Queen B by your side during your breakup. Your worth isn’t defined by him or this relationship, so turn up the volume on this track for yourself. Break-ups are tough, but with Bey by your side, you’ll be just fine. (We can’t say the same for him. Yikes.)


So before you invite him over, make sure you’ve got Spotify all fired up—God forbid you should have to do the deed in silence! If you’re doing it right, these feel-good tunes will be so loud, you’ll have to shout, “We need to talk!” right in his sad ear. Happy breakups!