4 Engagement Rings to Point At to Freak Him Out

You love your boyfriend. He’s smart, he’s sexy, and most importantly, he’s got a great sense of humor. But why let him have all the fun? Next time you’re looking to play on his deep fear of commitment, point at any of these engagement rings in a jewelry store window and watch his head explode! Bring on the LOLs by fingering these gorgeous designs:


Vera Wang LOVE Collection Diamond Frame Engagement Ring

This exquisite multi-stone engagement ring boasts not one, not two, but THREE princess-cut diamonds. And when you point at it and tell him how much you love it, he’ll look at you with fear in his eyes. Then, his throat will get real tight and he’ll start having a coughing fit that will prompt Zale’s security staff to call 911. Hilarious!! He is so never proposing to you!!!


Tiffany Embrace with Channel-Set Band

This Tiffany design is a timeless classic—just like his face will be when you point at this 2.57-carat ring with white gold diamond-studded band. Its Marquise-cut diamonds scream, “I want a country wedding in late October.” Meanwhile, he’ll be screaming, “YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS WE’VE BEEN TOGETHER FOR FOUR MONTHS!” What a riot! Your finger will probably be diamondless forever!


Neil Lane Bridal Set in 14K White Gold

This engagement ring features a single spectacular diamond in the center of a sparkling bezel of diamonds. It’s so brilliant it’s almost blinding, just like he’ll be blinded with rage when you mention that it’s “not even $40,000,” which will probably render him unconscious. It’ll be priceless—unlike this ring, which costs just under $40,000!



Princess Cut Infinity Twist by Cartier

Oh boy, did we save the best for last! This engagement ring’s graceful infinity design symbolizes eternal love. And just pointing at it will ensure that he spends eternity avoiding perfectly good girlfriends like you! He’s not ready to commit, but he may have to be committed from that terrible shock you gave him! You’ll be laughing all the way to spinsterhood!


So there you have it: the perfect rings to point at to give your commitment-free beau a good scare and yourself a huge laugh! If for any reason he doesn’t freak out when you point at these rings, just tell him how badly you want kids.