6 Sex Positions That Will Make You Think You Have to Pee

There’s nothing wrong with a clitoral orgasm, but sometimes you really wanna go for it and let him hit that G-spot for a truly explosive urge to pee throughout. Here are some sex positions that will really work that pleasure center of the vaginal wall, while also leaving you wondering, “Wait, do I have to pee? Should we stop for a second?”


Doggy Style

This position gives you a lot control in determining how much pressure to put on your G-spot, which, depending on the angle, will make you think you have to pee a lot or a little.



This position gives you even more control over the speed and depth of penetration, in case your guy isn’t quite sure how and where to position himself to make you think you have to pee. You know you just peed like five minutes ago so this has to be all psychological, right?


Legs Against His Chest

Start in missionary and then put your legs up against his chest. This will put extra pressure on your G-spot so you’ll be feeling “mmmm,” but also “Maybe you can unfold me so we can take a quick bathroom break?”


Sitting on the Counter

Not only does it feel a little naughty to have sex on the kitchen counter, but it also gives you the added thrill of thinking you might pee on your partner.



Have him enter you from behind as you lay on your side. Tilt your body to find the perfect angle of feeling like you have to go to the bathroom, even if you’re really dehydrated for some reason.



Downward Dog

Get into this classic yoga position while he grabs your hips and enters you from above. This one takes a little extra focus to stay balanced and also make sure you don’t have to pee, but it’s worth it as long as you don’t actually pee!


There’s nothing quite like the full-body intensity of a G-spot orgasm coupled with the maybe having to pee sensation of the G-spot stimulation that gets you there. Try these positions to get the best of both worlds!