Is He Flirting Or Just A “Walk” Sign?

Everyone knows that boys hate talking about their feelings, which means that it can be pretty hard to figure out their true intentions. Is that cool new guy you’ve been hanging out with actually interested in dating you, or is he a piece of infrastructure meant to prevent pedestrian traffic accidents? Take this quiz to find out if your man is sending you signals or if he just is a signal:


1. When you hang out, does he fidget?

A. Yes! He says I make him a little nervous.

B. Yes! After we hang out for a few seconds, he starts to do this thing where he flashes rhythmically—it’s weird, but also kind of cute.


2. Does he find excuses to touch you?

A. Yes! He’s always putting his arm around me and leaning close to talk to me.

B. No, not physically. But he does try to persuade me to walk toward him.


3. The two of you are taking a walk together, when you see an adorable puppy. What’s his body language like?

A. Confident, but nurturing. He tries to seem cool but totally melts when the puppy starts licking his face!

B. Like a relay runner awaiting the baton.


4. When talk turns to music, you realize that you both love the same all-male Taylor Swift cover band. How does he react?

A. He gets so animated when we discover shared interests! His eyes light up and his gestures become more effusive.

B. He also gets really animated! Almost like a cartoon of a man.



5. Do you feel safe when you’re together?

A. Yes! When I’m in his arms, I feel like he’d do anything for me.

B. Yes! His number-one priority in life is to ensure that I don’t get hit by a Prius.


6. When you make plans to hang out, does he ever flake?

A. We always keep our promises to each other.

B. Sometimes he disappears, but he’s never gone for more than 20 seconds.


If you answered mostly A’s: Yes, he’s a human man and he’s flirting! Go for it, girl!


If you answered mostly B’s: No, he is a walk sign and incapable of flirting. Time to move on—to therapy.