Are You Flirting Or Just Cackling Maniacally?

Flirting is hard, especially if you have a nervous laugh! The trickiest part about it is determining whether you’re skillfully charming him or howling in hysterics every time he looks at you. These helpful measures will make you aware of when you’re casually flirting and when you’re convulsing like a lunatic in front of him.


Laugh Casually At His Jokes

Once you’ve found a guy who’s crush material (like that one guy who looks a little better than the other guys), allow him to make a joke for you to laugh at. The keyword here is “laugh.” Do it when he makes a charming pun about your sweater. Just giggle to keep it safe. Avoid running into “cracking up” territory, and for god’s sake do not whoop or squawk. If you’ve taken it to a solid screech while you repeat his punchline over and over again, it’s time to remove yourself from the situation. You’re cackling maniacally.


Playful Contact

If he says something cute, graze whichever body part is within a reasonable distance of your hand. A gentle touch is an easy way to signal to him that you’re interested in cuddling … or maybe more! Just a simple light pat on the arm or shoulder. You’ll know you’ve gone too far if you’re gripping his bicep and chortling with your head thrown back and your eyes bulging. Take a step back if you feel at all scary. If he’s stopped smiling, you’re scaring him.



The You-Owe-Me Game

When he recommends a certain flavor of ice cream, let him know that he’s gotta get you some of that ice cream. This tactic always leads to a fun little date, unless when you say, “Don’t forget, you owe me,” your voice gets maniacal and you are actually just hyena-screaming the words while you catch your breath, repeating, “You have to! HAHAHAH YOU MUST!” Did a droplet of your drool just splatter on his sleeve? Stop what you are doing and leave.


Really Listen

You might think you’re listening closely to his story, but many women tend to get this confused with laughing aggressively and purposefully at everything he is saying. Laughing at everything he says is dangerous territory because not only is it creepy, but you will probably pass out from hyperventilating. If you’ve passed out in front of him, just go home. Instead of laughing without interruption, try to time your laughter to more natural moments in the conversation, when he’s said something funny.


Watch Yourself for Red Flags

Other signs that you’re in out-of-control territory include: coughing from your laughing fits, falling down more than once, just feeling like you should eat his face but you dunno why, animal noises, frozen terror from either party, dancing of any kind, use of props and/or puppets, straight-up hurling on any part of his body or hair, live-tweeting every word he says, feelings of hopelessness, loss of interest in daily activities, appetite or weight changes, sleep changes, anger or irritability, loss of energy, reckless behavior, and self-loathing.


So next time you feel like you’re ready to put yourself out there and flirt, be careful, take it easy, and put that maniacal cackle of yours to rest! It’s scaring everybody.