Is He Flirting With You Or Does He Really Not Know How to Make a Strawberry Banana Smoothie?

Summer is here! And that new smoothie place opened right down the street. But every time you go to the counter and order a Strawberry Banana Blast, the guy behind the counter always winks and asks, “Sure – can you remind me what goes in that again?” Here are some handy tricks to figure out if he’s flirting with you – or if remembering the recipe of a beverage whose ingredients are in the name is not within his intellectual purview.


Play Along?

If you think he’s flirting with you – you should totally flirt back with a “hmmm, I don’t know, that’s a tough one.” If he’s just messing with you, he’ll giggle and say something cute back like “you’re no help at all” or “well I guess we’re just going to have to discuss it over dinner.” If he really doesn’t know – then he’ll be forced to go ask a manager who will explain to him that it’s literally just strawberries, bananas, and froyo. He’s really trying!


Just Laugh

If he’s flirting, he’s just trying to make you laugh. Let him know you’re into it by playfully rolling your eyes and shaking your head and saying something flirty but non-descript like “Oooh youuu.” If he is just trying to make conversation, he’ll smile, sweetly shrug, and head straight for the blender to whip you up some summertime sweetness. If he’s actually incapable of understanding that the two words you just said were the ingredients of your order – he’ll head into the back and get out that laminated sheet that they give to all the trainees with the menu items and how to make them. Just be patient with him. He’s still learning!



Straight Up Read Him The Menu

Show his flirty side your fun, sassy side by taking it in stride and reading the italics on the menu. When he asks you what’s in it, just flirt-smirk and say, “Does strawberries, bananas, and our signature nonfat froyo” sound right? If he’s just flirting he’ll make a cute joke like, “Well maybe I should just let you make it” or “let’s go away to Vermont next weekend.” If you actually just answered his question because he was incapable of turning around himself or inferring ingredients from context, he’ll say, “Oh gosh thank you so much, I’ll have that right out for you.” You weren’t sure – and now you are: He’s a really simple guy!


There you have it: a few easy ways to find out if he’s is just messing with you to get your number or totally lacking deductive reasoning skills. Try one of these out and soon you might know more about his reasoning skills than he does. Good luck!