Inspiring! A Death in the Family Didn’t Stop This Man From Being Weird to His Nieces

In the aftermath of their grandfather passing away, sisters Jennifer and Melissa Mason were glad to be with their grieving family. Though their grandmother was much quieter than usual and their father much more prone to hugging his loved ones, one man remained remarkably unchanged.


“Uncle Mike came right up to me and my sister while we were comforting my grandmother and immediately started talking about how we are so cute,”Jennifer said.


Wow! The pain and grief of the loss of his own father didn’t stop this uncle from making inappropriate comments to his nieces throughout the whole day of the funeral!


Melissa agrees.


“I was approaching my grandfather’s body to pay my final respects when I felt someone lean in over my shoulder. ‘Where’s your boyfriend, a pretty girl like you should have a boyfriend,’ Uncle Mike whispered to me while I was literally praying over my dead grandfather’s body.”


Inspiring! Most people would feel inclined to be respectful at a funeral, but this uncle doesn’t let anything get in his way. While everyone else was distracted by tears and touching remembrances of the Mason family patriarch, a WWII vet who called his grandchildren every weekend and never missed a round of golf, Uncle Mike was staying true to himself!



“Sure, I was sad about the death of my father,” Mike explains, “but I just know he’d want us to carry on as usual. And for me that means asking my nieces why they didn’t bring any of their pretty friends along.”


“When I was at the front of the room doing my eulogy, I got choked up and looked out into the crowd for a moment,” Jennifer remembers. “I was talking about the time my Grandpa played dress-up with me. Most people were crying quietly into their tissues but Uncle Mike was staring right into my eyes and giving me like seven winks in a row.”


Incredible! It’s so inspiring to see a man look death in the face, take a deep breath, and continue to make kissy faces at all the young women he’s related to. Way to go, Uncle Mike!