Whoa! This Woman Sometimes Loves Being Single But Sometimes Hates It!

Earlier today, 26-year-old Angela Dobbs announced in a breathtakingly complex post on Facebook that she actually has more than one opinion about the fact that she is single.


“Sometimes I do like being single and sometimes I don’t,” Dobbs explained in the viral post. “I know most people either say living single is awful or great, but it’s okay to not be staunchly in support of or opposed to your own life…right?”


The post goes on to detail her own unique experience: “I love not having to answer to someone or go home before I’m ready. But at the same time, it would be nice to have someone to cuddle with or have a road trip partner. It’s weird—almost as if this very complicated part of my life causes me to have more than one feeling.”


Relationship experts and writers were left astounded after reading Dobbs’ message, as they had never seen a woman feeling anything but bitter disdain or liberating thrill about being without a partner.


“We’ve never seen anything like this,” says sexpert and blogger Colleen Skinner. “I’ve spent my entire adult life showing people how being single is wholly bad, and she just blew that shit right open!”


When asked to comment, Dobbs said her inspiring and unusual message was simple.


“I can enjoy my solitude for long stretches of time and simultaneously have a feeling of missing having a partner. No one ever cooks me dinner, but also I don’t have to spend my night fighting over the kitchen being a mess. My feelings are like, very normal.”


Haha, yeah right! We’re pretty sure there’s no way someone in a relationship would feel this way!


Dobbs’ message has inspired a nation of singles to shed their firmly anti-single or pro-single viewpoints for a more complicated perspective of their own life.


“WE ARE FINALLY FREE TO FEEL SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF THE OPINONS OF ROM-COM HEROINES,” one unidentifiable woman was heard screaming as she ran down the street, ripping off all her clothes.



“I never knew that was an option,” says another single woman, Shanna Preston. “I thought you had to either think being single was a nightmare or it was a blast. But I can actually like some things about it and not like others?”


We’re trying hard to figure this one out, but we admire these women’s attempt to see things in more than one way!