How to Tell if the Woman You Met on a Dating App Is Flirting With You

It’s a tale as old as time: You’ve matched with a woman on a dating app that is specifically meant for dating, but you’re unsure if this means she wants to date you. Who can say? What if this is how she makes friends? What if swiping right is the way she says, “I’m into you platonically, and assuming anything more than that is actually a violation of my autonomy as a woman, you sick fuck”? Here are some ways to tell if the woman you matched and conversed with on a dating app is trying to tell you she’s into you.


She started the conversation.

If she took the initiative to strike up a conversation, she might be interested in seeing where things go, romantically! Add this to the baseline that you literally met on a dating app where the sole purpose is to find someone to date, and your odds are looking pretty good! That being said, if you messaged first, maybe back off, pervert? WTF?



She asks what kind of music you like to listen to.

This sounds like such a common inquiry, but scientists have finally confirmed that no one actually cares about what music you listen to “unless they’re craving a smidge of that ass.” This kind of scientific terminology can be confusing, but it basically means if they’re asking whether you like Hozier, they’re into you, babe. Bonus points if they make you a playlist, which legally qualifies as a marriage proposal in some states (Wisconsin)!


She prefaces every text with “FLIRT ALERT”.

Examples include: “FLIRT ALERT: What kind of music do you like to listen to?” In addition to being a great rhyme scheme that suggests she is familiar with the ways of poets, the “FLIRT ALERT” preface is a sure-fire sign she might maybe perhaps be flirting 85% of the time! This will do the job when all the evidence you’ve already been presented with – namely that she has matched with you on a dating app meant for dating – could go either way.


She outright says, “I’m into you.”

HOO-WEE! This is a surefire sign she’s into you, and most likely not in a friend way! Then again, when you think about it, this could mean any host of things. Sure, it’s synonymous with “I like you romantically,” but she could have just mis-capitalized, “I’m into ‘You,’” which is a Netflix original series. Or “I’m into U2,” which, as we all know, is a great band. Or even, “I’m into U-2,” referring to Nazi Germany’s Type IIA U-boat, which is a whole other can of worms. Uhhhh, abort! Abort! Abort!


Next time you find yourself questioning if a woman on a dating app wants to date you, remember these handy tricks! Or you could always be explicit about your feelings and ask her out. Hahahaha kidding, but imagine!