How to Stop Zillow Scrolling and Start Breaking Into Luxury Homes

If you often find yourself looking at houses, apartments, and condos on Zillow for hours on end, you’re probably wondering how you can cut that screen time down before you go insane. Luckily for you, we found the best way to quit Zillow scrolling cold turkey, and it’s just by breaking into the most expensive cribs in your area! Here’s how:


Find the home of your dreams by walking past it.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through hundreds of homes that you’ll never buy or rent, try mixing it up by taking a walk in the richest neighborhood in town, scoping out the entryways, and planning your break-in. Before you know it, you’ll find something that you’re absolutely obsessed with and are fully inside without waking up the dog – all without even picking up your phone! Talk about unplugged, right?


Be careful of security systems.

The best properties on the market usually have the best security systems, which isn’t great for you since you’re trying to curb your Zillow habit by breaking into someone’s home. But don’t fret, because if you’re cautious about whatever security system they use, you can hopefully make your way inside to secure squatter’s rights before anybody notices. Finally, that seaside view from the house you always had your eye on is yours!



If anyone asks, say you’re “just looking”.

Admiring an expertly crafted pre-war home never hurt anybody, so if you’re asked what you’re doing on someone else’s property, simply say that you’re “just looking”. If anyone has a problem with that, then frankly, they need to mind their own business! It’s basically just harmless scrolling, except you’re technically breaking and entering and may be forcibly removed from the premises.


So if you’ve finally decided that it’s time to peel your eyes off of your computer screen, and start doing something more meaningful instead, then use these tips to get your own personal 3D home tour of any house you want! Pretty soon, you’ll forget that Zillow ever even existed. Try not to get arrested!