How to Self-Induce a Coma That Will Last Until Season 4 of ‘Succession’ Comes Out

With daily stressors only gaining momentum in the U.S., it can be difficult to bear reality right now, especially without the hit HBO show Succession to help get you through it all. If you’re wondering how to cope while season four is currently being filmed, then here’s how to send yourself into a coma that you will only wake up from once you hear the classic HBO static before your favorite workplace/family dramedy.


Contact an anesthesiologist.

The safest way to put yourself to sleep for months at a time is to do it under the care of a medical professional who specializes in anesthesia. But make sure that they aren’t too respectable of an anesthesiologist so that they’re not overly concerned about their “reputation” or whatever to go forward with the procedure, or will over-anesthetize you so that you miss season 4 entirely and can binge it all later. Remember, you want them to stop at nothing like Logan, but not demand a lot of praise for it like Shiv.



Tell the medical professional to respectfully wake you up when Succession comes back on.

This part might be difficult, but it’ll go a lot smoother if they’re also a Waystar RoyCo fan like you are! This way, you’ll have a much easier time trying to convince your anesthesiologist to put you under and wake you up just in time for the new season premier, because they’ll really get how important it is to you, along with the other millions of Con-heads around the world.


Enjoy your medically induced coma.

Hopefully by putting yourself in a relatively short coma, you’ll be happy to miss out on the several crises that are happening in the world right now, and even happier to wake up to Kendall Roy’s artistic display of performative activism instead. 


So grab a catheter and a bowl of popcorn, because even though you’ll be dead to the world for months, you’re gonna have a reason to live again as soon as you wake up! This method works as a surefire way to avoid spoilers too. Sweet dreams!