Zoom Background Just Picture Taken When Living Room Was Clean

The most recent Zoom background of Sharlene Evans went unnoticed by coworkers the other day, because unbeknownst to them, it was really just a picture of when her living room was clean three weeks ago.


“There is a 12 to 24-hour period after I clean where my living room remains acceptable for visitors and Zoom meetings, and after that, it’s a nightmare,” Sharlene told us. “Then I just thought, I should really take a picture of this while it lasts.”


Sources report that this idea is fucking awesome and brilliant.


“Other than a weird light at the top of her head, her living room looked normal,” says coworker Darnell Robinson, before we explained what the hell was going on. “Wait, that was just a Zoom background? Fuck, I wish I had thought of that.”



The living room Zoom background was free of any clutter, and the couch included a thoughtful throw blanket, accent pillows, and a decorative plant on the coffee table. Meanwhile, in the real living room, clothes and days-old takeout was strewn about on the floor. Several cats had vomited.


“I think I’m really onto something here, because I really only clean for other people,” Sharlene said. “For real, I may never clean my home again.”