Town’s Thriving Literary and Arts Scene Exists Entirely in Woman’s Living Room

Winston, VT is a small, sleepy town without much going on – or so it would seem. But one visit to the living room of Liza Moole reveals a thriving literary and arts scene within the community.


“A lot of people assume there’s nothing going on in Winston,” says Moole circling past no less than three bookshelves of quality contemporary literature, including Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals. “But here in my living room, or ‘the salon’ as I call it, we do get on quite well.”


Moole hosts a weekly literary night, monthly poetry readings, a book club “that is strictly for serious readers,” a wine and sketch night, and the annual art show (open to submissions) in a room that is roughly 13’ by 15’ square feet.


“It’s quite spectacular really,” explains Moole, whose living room once held 12 people at one time. An avid patron of the arts, Moole keeps the scene running by stocking up on cheese at the farmer’s market and cases of Trader Joe’s brand wines.



The academics of Winston include renowned still life painter, Marie Wallace, age 87, and trumpet player Simon Linkel, age 16. Both are busy at their work and neither could be reached for comment.


Moole’s neighbor, Janine Berkhart is a regular attendee of the thriving scene. “I don’t know much about art or books, but there’s free wine and Liza’s such a character. Last week she wouldn’t let me put out chips because she was making a baked brie.” The group was celebrating the golden anniversary of Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?


“I think we’ll look back on this time as an important era in the Winston arts scene,” says Moole. “Everything’s so raw right now, but we’re sowing the seeds for future generations of artists.”