Woman Who Regrets Voting for Trump Still Pretty Racist

Janet Ballard of Poughkeepsie, New York, now wishes she hadn’t voted for President Trump. However, she’s still super racist.


While Ballard had somewhat opened her mind to others’ viewpoints after the election — viewpoints like “maybe we shouldn’t dump coal into streams” or “I want my children to have health insurance” — at the end of the day, she still really just likes one race, and one race only.


“Do I wish Trump would stop tweeting out nonsense? Yes. Do I wish he would stop trying to take away my healthcare, sure,” Ballard said. “Do I still mutter ‘Go back to your country’ when my server at Chili’s gets my order wrong, even if they’re a Sicilian-American who was born in Iowa? You betcha. I just thought we’d have that big beautiful wall by now. To keep out the illegals. He’s really let me down.”


While Ballard has admitted that, since November 9, Trump seems like “not such a great guy after all” and is “probably worse than my ex-husband,” she still can’t quite put her finger on why she strongly dislikes the only woman of color at her workplace. When asked about her co-worker, Ballard said, “Just something about her I don’t like,” and then told an anecdote that stereotyped the woman based solely on skin color. “I also really thought Hillary would be in prison by now,” she added. “Obama too. Like that woman at work, there’s just something about him.”



Ballard’s daughter, Amy, initially welcomed her mom’s newfound anti-Trump views with open arms. “I thought, ‘Cool, she feels bad for voting for him. That’s great!’” Amy said. “But then at the grocery store, the cashier — a lovely man who happens to be from India — told us how much we owed, and my mom scoffed and said, ‘You’re just looking for a handout.’ Then she walked outside and said to an Indian man in a suit, ‘Why is our cashier following me to my car?’ So yeah. I guess she’s still crazy racist.”


While Amy is worried about her mom’s racism, she’s confident that it’s a step in the right direction. “It could be worse,” Amy said. “My mom could like Trump and hate people of color. No, wait, never mind. It’s still pretty bad.”


Ballard was last seen scraping a Trump/Pence bumper sticker off the back of her car while complaining about her neighbors who, she said, “don’t quite fit in here.”