5 Tap Dances To Help You Leave the Room

At some point during your day, you will have to leave a room. Most do it the normal way, but how are you going to leave when you really need to make an impression, or distract from something you just did. What you need is something to make people think, “Wow, that lady has style and pizazz.” We’ve compiled five basic tap dances that will help you leave a room the sassiest way possible.


The “Impress the Interviewer” Shuffle Ball Step

Leaving a job interview? Make sure they remember your name by adding some pizazz to your exit! This simple beginner’s shuffle can help you tap your way out of the conference room, past the copy machine, around the disgruntled IT guy and right into the elevator. If all else fails, add a hat to your routine.


The “Exit, Stage Left” Buffalo Jump–Shuffle–Jump

Oh no, Jerry’s about to show you a picture of the mole he had removed from his lower back. It’s time to get the hell out of dodge in style with the classic Buffalo exit and dance your way right out of the break room. Look at you go!


The “Oops, It’s Midnight” Moxie Ford: Shuffle–Jump–Toe–Step

“Is that Ginger Rogers?” “No! That’s Samantha leaving to relieve the babysitter.” Yes, that’s what people will say as you Moxie Ford your way out of Caitlyn’s sad 40th birthday party. No need to say any heartfelt goodbyes with this little number!



The “I’m Too Drunk” Irish: Shuffle–Hop

When you’re at a party and the conversation is getting dull, don’t pull an Irish goodbye. Instead, do The Irish tap step right into the next room to fix a strong drink. It’s Irish, so it’s okay!


The “I Am Grieving” Shirley Temple: Flap–Heel–Heel–Brush–Heel–Toe–Heel

Dealing with loss can be hard on everyone, and sometimes you need a somber rhythmic step combo to respectfully bail on your great Aunt Mindy’s funeral. As you make your break for it you’ll have everyone saying, “Aunt Mindy would have loved this if she were still here.”


Now that you have the moves, start using them! Never let an opportunity to peace out with pizazz go by!