Trendy Looks You Can Wear All Season Until Someone Teases You About Them

Summer is the perfect season to take a risk and embrace a bold new trend. From daring fabrics to big flashy accessories, these are the looks you will absolutely want to wear all season until someone gently teases you about them, completely shaking your confidence. Here are trendy looks to try until someone makes an offhanded joke and you’re so distraught you throw them back in your closet, never to be worn again.




Move over cotton, there’s a new material in town. Some of the boldest and most eye-catching outfits of the season are made of pure rubber, and you’ll want one in your closet pronto. Then you’ll want to throw it in the garbage after your boyfriend makes an innocent joke about how you’re wearing dishwashing gloves to the club. You’re rubber, he’s glue and whatever he says will bounce off of you and then…somehow still stick to you? Oh well!


Asymetrical Necklines


This off-kilter look isn’t just for the runway anymore. Once you try on a blouse, dress, or sweater with an asymmetrical neckline, you’ll never want to take it off. That is, until one of your “friends” asks you if Picasso painted you during his abstract period. It’s a dumb joke that you will think about every time you pull this outfit out of your wardrobe until you finally just stop pulling it out all together! Haha, great joke!




We promise you’ll be feeling yourself after you step into a gorgeous lavender dress or romper. And that self-love will continue right up until the moment an asshole cousin compares you to Grimace, the purple blob mascot from McDonald’s. That little joke will certainly sap any sureness you had in this color choice forever! Thanks Bryce, you little bitch!



Fanny Packs


You read that right. Fannypacks are back, baby! From Rihanna to Kendall Jenner, all the celebs have been seen sporting this throwback look. Then again, we’re guessing Rihanna’s boyfriend didn’t tell her that she looked like his mom. But your boyfriend sure did! Maybe you’ll work up the confidence to wear it again in a year, but probably not!


That wraps up our countdown of the trendiest looks of the season. We guarantee you won’t regret purchasing any of these daring styles. We also guarantee that you’ll wear them one time before getting so offended at a mild joke at your outfit’s expense that you never wear them again!