How to See a Future With Him Even Though He Lives in a 4th Floor Walk-Up

When you’re in a great relationship, it’s absolutely normal to fantasize about the future. You’re loving the movie dates and the long talks, but you’re hating the hike up to his apartment, which is truly unethical, considering it’s four floors up, with two sets of stairs each, making it eight sets of stairs total. This apartment is not marriage material, but he is! Here’s how to see a future with him even though he lives in a fourth floor walk-up.


Imagine your future babies.

Not to brag, but you are both extremely cute, which means you’ll have the cutest babies in the world. And you do imagine he’d be a great dad, which is super hot. Almost as hot as you feel as you sweat and heave your way up the billions of stairs to his shitty apartment. Maybe you should break up with him and live in a tent? No no, stick it out for the beautiful offspring!


Remember all his amazing qualities.

Your boyfriend is kind, smart and funny, so stop worrying and just enjoy his company. Remember last week, when he made you a home cooked dinner? Of course you do! But by the time you hiked up to his apartment, you gasped “water,” and then fell asleep, parched and hungry, on his rug. At least the lentils and chicken smelled really good! Keep those things in mind!



Think about how he makes you feel.

Does your heart skip a beat when you think about him? Do you get a rush of adrenaline? Do you feel like you’re going to faint? Oh no, ha, that’s just how it feels when you hit the third floor. I mean, keep remembering all the other shit, but you should honestly probably break up! How does he do this every day?! You would die.


Consider how you would feel if he moved.

Chances are if you love this guy, him moving across the country would be devastating. That means he’s a keeper. But this apartment is not. Now that you’re thinking about it, if he moved right down the block, you would honestly propose!


Remember how much you care for him even though he literally lives in a freaking tower that’s impossible to ascend without you battling the dragon that is swamp ass. Wow, interesting how all you need to lock in love is to be hot, be fun and live on the ground floor!