Laundry Hack! Sniff The Crotch of Your Leggings To See If They Smell Like Vagina Yet

Laundry can be a total bore and in the summer months, it can feel like every time you get it all done, you’ve sweat through another outfit. Well, we have the ultimate hack for those days where you just don’t want to wash another pair of pants: Simply sniff the crotch of the leggings you just wore yesterday and if they don’t smell like your vagina yet, put ‘em back on, girl!


It’s as easy as that!


So many women waste time in the laundry room washing leggings and pants that don’t reek of vagina yet. By giving the crotch of your leggings a good strong sniff, you’ll know right away if they’re clean enough to wear another day, or if it’s time to put them through the wash to get that sour fish smell out.


Of course, not all vagina smells are created equal. If the crotch of your leggings only smells faintly of vagina, then guess what? You can wear them and it’s totally fine. But if, let’s say, you can smell the pungent crotch of your leggings while they’re on and your nose is three feet away from them cause you’re standing up? No, girl. Wash those! They’re done.


All it takes is a sniff! Or, if you’re nervous or prudish, just give that crotch a quick waft with your hands.



We’re not saying that vaginas shouldn’t smell, or that they smell bad! All we’re saying is that when you’ve been wearing your leggings for multiple days in a row, the crotch starts to smell like a little piece of meat died and rotted under a floorboard. That is honestly not ideal while among pleasant society! It’s not a knock on that natural “eau de vagine”, it’s just the sum of vagina plus synthetic materials plus sweat plus whatever weird soap you’re using that’s messing up the pH levels down there.


Luckily there’s a quick hack to tell if your leggings are ripe as hell and, again, it’s simply sniffing away at that double lined crotch area of your Lululemons. Simple!


So next time you’re wondering if you should throw in a load of laundry or just put the leggings you’ve been wearing all week back on, stop wondering and get to sniffing!