How to Understand That Pessimism Is a Tool of White Supremacy While Still Being a Mopey Bitch

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by the evils of the world from time to time. But at the same time, one must remember that optimism, hope, and faith are philosophically integral to abolition, organization, and generally bringing about a better future for humanity. Especially if you’re a white person, it’s necessary to interrogate how pessimism supports white supremacy by promoting the idea that our current reality is “the natural order” of things and not worth fighting to disrupt. You don’t want to hold back the movement, but what if you’re also a mopey bitch by nature? Here’s how to hold these two truths at once. 


Express yourself with fashion and body language.

If you’re showing up as an ally in spaces that aim to dismantle white supremacy, the last thing anyone needs is you sapping time and energy by complaining about how much everything sucks. Only use your words when you really need to, and otherwise let your terrible posture and sad early on-set frown wrinkles do the talking. The revolution will be fueled by rage but won with joy! And you don’t really do those emotions so just keep the monthly mutual aid contributions rolling and the tragic poetry in your notes app.



Pick specific things to be a mopey bitch about.

Instead of siphoning power from the people by bumming everyone out about the irreversibility of climate change while doing nothing about anything, pick some specific things to mope about. Text your sister that your cat hates you and bought a croissant that wasn’t really that good. Post depression memes on your Close Friends and let whoever wants to engage with them do so. You can also wallow and bemoan Apple TV’s tenuous relationship to Roku, grainy apples, the fact that you don’t know where any of your favorite shirts from childhood are, or how Lupita Nyong’o hasn’t had any major roles recently.


Connect with other mopey bitches. 

Surround yourself with other mopey bitches with which to mope about. Imagine if instead of Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger, Eeyore had just two more Eeyores to hang out with. You’ll probably get sick of each other pretty soon, but you might learn something from that.


So be vigilant and don’t let your mopey bitchiness poison your will to overturn white supremacist frameworks, but still be a bummer whenever else you can. It’s who you are, saddie!