How to Spot Fake Gilmore Girls News

This year, fake news is everywhere—with millions of people sharing biased and under-researched articles with no factual content that can dangerously influence how we view the world. But how do you know if the article shared on your Facebook is from a trusted news source when it’s about the most crucial subject of all: Gilmore Girls? Here’s how to spot the most damaging kind of fake news being shared:


It’s From an Unfamiliar Source and Dean is Really Dead

Before you click on an article from a publication you’ve never heard of, take a moment. That’s a hallmark of fake news. “” and “GilmoreLists.burp” may look like appealing sites to get your Gilmore news, but those URLs should raise some red flags. Maybe they’re saying that Dean is dead and a new actor has secretly replaced him, but a keen eye can tell that this claim is dubious and probably fake. To make sure you’re getting real news about the dog-actor that plays Paul Anka and the gossip of Taylor and Gypsy’s secret romance, make sure it’s verified on true news sites you’ve heard of and read before.


It Spells “Lorelai” as “Lorelei” and Claims Lorelei Was Really Dead All Along

No self-respecting, well-vetted publication would offer up this common mistake, so don’t fall for it. If you do, you might find yourself panicking over news that Amy Sherman-Palladino initially intended for the show to be set in Detroit, Rory was supposed to be played by a dog and Lorelei was really dead all along. Think you know better? Millions of people shared a piece saying that Rory was a sociopath, which clearly isn’t real. Take a deep breath and remember: these are all just fake Gilmore Girls stories trying to pass as legitimate news.



It’s About Amy Sherman-Palladino Saying They’re All Dead, All of Them

Many Gilmore Girls fans were shocked when they read that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino revealed that the characters of Gilmore Girls are all dead and the town of Stars Hollow a mere symbolic limbo in which the characters’ souls dwell. Before you get all worked up retracing the show, wondering what it all means, look for a source for Sherman-Palladino’s quote. You’ll find that this news is about as fake as they come. Don’t fall into this trap literally thousands of Gilmore Girls fans have fallen into! The characters of the show are real and alive, and they have been all along. If you cut them, they will bleed. Stick to the facts!!


Make sure you protect yourself from all the fake news hiding on the internet. Otherwise you’ll find yourself steeped in false facts about Gilmore Girls, and trust us: it’s just as dangerous as you think.