Are You More of a ‘Muppet Babies’ or a ‘Rugrats’ Kinda Bitch?

There are two types of people in this world, and both of them are bitches who fucking looooove television shows. But which bad bitch are you? Take this quiz and find out once and for all if you’re a Muppet Babies or Rugrats kinda bitch.


When you’re about to get into some shit, what must-have item do you take with you?

A.  A dinky lil’ plastic screwdriver.

B.  I don’t know, a propellor hat?


Which reptile straight-up slays?

A.  Dinosaur, bitch.

B.  Frog, bitch.


Do you ever leave your room?

A.  Of course…I STAY on adventures. The fuck do you think I am?

B.  You can leave rooms? Ha, no thanks.


What makes you hornier?

A.  Mm, sexual tension between a pair of fraternal, yet nearly identical twins.

B.  Oh, sexual tension between a piglet and a tadpole.


Why do you wear a pink bow?

A.  To remind people that you’re a girl.

B.  To remind people that you’re a humanoid.


Shirts or nah?

A.  Shirts.

B.  Nah.


Mostly A’s: You a hoe for Tommy!

Congratulations, you’re a Rugrats kinda bitch! You low-key are a Rugrat, too. You’re all about that adventure lyfe and you flirt by mispronouncing words because you think it’s charming. Chuckie is the only red-haired goofball you need because, honestly, fuck Fozzie. You’re on some Nick Jr. shit. So tie up some pigtails, snag a cookie or twelve, and let’s go. It’s time to get Rugrats-level lit!


Mostly B’s: You’re yearnin’ for some Kermit!

YAS, you are a Muppet Babies bitch! You have no use for clothes and it’s like good for you, girl! You KNOW Jim Henson was makin puppets before Nickolodeon did its first doodle. The only female twin you’re interested in is Scooter, who was Skeeter’s twin in this series, but never joined canon. Cuz that’s some fucked up shit. But honestly, you woulda fucked the shit outta Jim Henson if he didn’t die the year you were born. Don’t lie, you would’ve. So start singin little songs, cuz you’re a muppet baby bitch now.