How to Remind Kayla You Were Right About That Guy Because You Were

Kayla is finally done with that guy she’s been dating, and good riddance! You always knew he was bad for her, but she didn’t listen. She may be going through a hard time, but you have a hard task ahead of you, too: gently reminding her that you were right about him all along. Here are the best ways to nicely reiterate to Kayla that you were right, because you were.


Just Be Honest

Honesty is important in any friendship. You know this because you were upfront and honest about how you didn’t think he was going to be good for her in the beginning of their relationship. Now that he has blossomed into the shrimp-faced asshole you always knew him to be, you should be honest about that, too. So go ahead and drop in the fact that every single thing you predicted came gut-wrenchingly true. You’re just trying to protect her and your need to be right!


Add In Some Nice Things, Too

“I told you so” can sound harsh and uncaring, even though you did tell her so. A lot. Try going with something a little softer like, “I told you so but I still love you,” to remind her that even though you very explicitly told her so months ago, you still love her. It’s actually very big of you to even forgive her for not listening to you. She was so wrong and you were right.


Use Specifics

It’s pretty clear now that when you originally told Kayla you had a bad feeling about this guy, she straight up wasn’t listening. In fact, she may have completely forgotten all the brilliant wisdom you bestowed upon her. Jog her memory of the time you called him an “emotional sludge monster” and used wine bottles as people to act out all the horrible fights they were likely to have. Which they did! Almost verbatim! You really knew what you were talking about. She will thank you for it one day, if you give her the chance to speak while you dance around singing, “Told ya so!”



Warn Her About the Next One

The best way to really cement how right you were about the last guy is to be right about the next one, too. You truly care about her, which is why you must warn her that the next guy will be just as bad, if not worse, than this one. Because she has a very clear pattern when it comes to her taste in men. When she points out the guy before last that was actually very good but just lived too far away, tell her that that one doesn’t count. Your opinions have caused her a lot of pain, but whatever, you were right.


Next time you’re right about the guy your friend is dating, let her know. And when she ignores your advice, make sure to speak up after they break up and you are officially proven right. Because when you know, you know. And you knew!