Dialogues to Start and Then Be Done With Forever

As 2017 kicks off, it’s important to know how to start a dialogue about important issues with people who might think differently from you. The best part about starting a dialogue is that you don’t have to finish it, because starting a dialogue does not require you to actually change the issue you are bringing to light. Here are the best dialogues to start and never, ever finish:


“People Everywhere Are Dying!”

Here is an important topic that deserves some words and nothing else. Put serious thought and empathy into the fact that people all over the world are dying horrible and tragic deaths. Some are dying from political violence. Some are going hungry. It’s so sad! Once you’re done pointing out that this is a crucial conversation, feel free to step away without actually having the conversation. Go live your best life; you’ve done enough!


“White Privilege Exists and Is a Problem”

It’s difficult for people to admit that they’re in a position of privilege and that their privilege hurts others. But once you take the time to acknowledge this, your work is done. Write a long post on Facebook about how our society operates in a way that caters to white people. If you are white, make sure to take ownership of this brave realization. List examples of the ways in which your white privilege has helped you on a daily basis. Demand a call for action, and then sit back and watch the likes roll in. Wow, it feels good to be an activist!


“The Earth Is Dying”

Climate change is literally coming in hot, and many politicians are trying to convince everyone that it’s not real. What a nightmare! We’re all going to die. Make sure to warn everyone about how dire this situation is, and then continue to throw recyclables in the trash if you can’t seem to find the recycling bin, or if you just don’t feel like it. You’ve instilled the fear of god into your Facebook friends, and that’s all that matters. Kick back and watch the world burn, baby!



“We Must Take Action”

Words aren’t enough in this political climate; action must be taken. And that’s why you have to talk about taking action, but then never take action. Hey, that’s a start! All action begins with a conversation, and if you’re the one to start that conversation, you have done your part. Congratulations on instilling hope and change through your words.


Try out any of these dialogues and go to bed guilt-free, knowing you have begun a conversation that you never plan on following up on. Talk about a relaxing way to be a hero!