How to Manage Your Depression Without Buying a Giant Wicker Basket From Target

Sometimes, depression feels overwhelming and difficult to manage. Everyone has their own coping mechanism, but we all know that going to Target and buying the first giant wicker basket you see usually hits the spot. However, it may be time to break out of your old patterns, especially since you already have three baskets. Here are a few coping mechanisms to manage your depression that don’t involve purchasing more storage options.


Go to Therapy

Therapy is one of the best ways of managing your depression because it allows you to address the underlying thoughts, feelings, and experiences that may be playing a role in your depression. It’s a long road, and sometimes therapy will make you feel worse. For those times, it’s good to have other options so you’re not back in your car ready to spend money on bohemian practical and casual storage until you feel something.


Move Your Body a Little – Preferably Outside

Light exercise is one of the best things you can do to manage your depression. Moving your body and getting outside for even a short walk will do wonders to give your brain a little bit more of those feel-good-hormones. But make sure your walk steers clear of any Targets. The temptation is too strong, and you’re not in the best mental space right now. You really don’t need another one, no matter how giant, wicker, and alluring it may be.



Paint a Target Wicker Basket You Already Own

If things are really rough, and you’re craving the feeling of a shiny new wicker basket that ties in perfectly with the new rug in your cart, try spray painting one of your existing wicker baskets that were a product of your past depressive episodes. This will give it an appearance of newness and you still get that rush of getting a new giant wicker basket and deciding which blankets you’re going to casually drape over the side. A fresh new perspective for your tired, sad mind!


These are three coping mechanisms that are not buying a giant wicker basket at Target, but if all of them fail, then please go ahead and buy one. Buying a giant wicker basket is not the worst coping mechanism you can have, even if you already have three. Anything to get through the day!