How to Comfort Your Partner Even Though Crying is Kinda Your Thing

Being a good partner means being present and attentive when the person you love is going through a hard time. Usually that means your loved one should be sitting by your side, rubbing your back and telling you everything is going to be okay when you are sad and scared because that’s kind of your whole deal. But sometimes the tables turn, and your significant other needs your reciprocal emotional support? Weird, but okay! Here’s how to comfort them even though it doesn’t really make sense they’re crying cause that’s kinda your thing.


Hold Them Close

Make sure you are holding your boo very close to you to remind them they are loved. You can rub their back and reassure them that you’re there so they feel less alone. At least that’s what you like when you’re on the other side of it, and there’s no chance you’re going to learn what your partner wants when ultimately this is a fluke because weeping uncontrollably is your move. Next time, you’ll be curled up in tears, so just remember this is a temporary role reversal! You don’t have to get comfortable doing this!


Grab Some Tissues

It’s nice to offer your partner a tissue when they’re all weepy. Keep a box of kleenex by your bed and when they get snotty you can grab them one! They’ll be really grateful for the gesture, and it’s no big deal for you because you have so many boxes of tissues and know exactly where to find them on account of you crying literally all the time! Let your partner blow it out, then have them spoon you cause you’re starting to feel a little sad randomly!



Start Crying

There’s no time like the present to make all of this about you. Seeing your partner cry is really difficult, almost so difficult that it makes you, in turn, cry! Now it’s their turn to comfort you, and just like that you are the one being comforted again! So have them turn towards you, rub your back, and stop using all the fucking tissues because those are for you now! Damn, you are such a selfless partner!


Follow these guidelines to take care of your loved one when they’re feeling devastated even though it’s not super fair because that’s what you do best. And to all the bitches out there who feel like they share the comforting equally with their lovers, go to hell! You’re dumb and don’t get it!