How Often You and Your Partner Should Be Having Sex, According to Police

It’s normal to wonder about whether you and your partner are having the right amount of sex. Is there such a thing as too much? Too little? The truth is that there’s no magic number, but there are ways to know what’s right for your relationship, and these proud members of law enforcement are here to tell you about it. Thanks, cops!


More Isn’t Always More

More sex doesn’t always mean increased levels of happiness. “Don’t expect to improve your relationship by simply having more sex,” warns Sheriff Richard McNamara of the Lansing Police Department. “In fact, if both parties aren’t in agreement when it comes to doing the deed, the relationship could become strained.” Wow! Our boys in blue are up to much more than keeping our streets safe—they’re keeping our sex lives healthy!



Express Yourself

Nothing shuts down seduction faster than a lack of understanding. Sometimes better communication is all you need to have mind-blowing sex on a regular basis. “Opening up to your partner about what you want in bed is a great start,” explains the official spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol. “Failing to please your partner is just like breaking the the law in that ignorance is no excuse.” Take heed, ladies, or end up in relationship jail!


Keep Things Fresh

Predictability can have a negative impact on the frequency with which you have sex. Luckily this issue was addressed at a recent Miami-Dade Police Department press conference. The guys at the station say that even if a couple has been together for years, it’s still important to “date and romance each other,” or D.A.R.E., if you need help remembering.


There you have it! Good sex isn’t all about frequency as many law enforcement agencies have helpfully advised. And don’t doubt their expertise; they have authority on the topic because they are the authorities.